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Switching Cellphone Providers

We all know that cellphones are keeping us connected with people all the time. We can be contacted whenever and wherever we are. However, there are some people who believe that cellphones are doing the exact opposite of connecting people. Yes it alienates people more because we are so preoccupied with texting and calling that we sometimes forget we are talking to someone in front of us. How often have you experienced being stopped mid sentence because your friend has to answer that phone call? It can be worse if you have a date and he/she could not put the cellphone down and has to text every three minutes. We all have rules and etiquette to follow but somehow when it comes to gadgets like cellphones we become cavemen or toddlers who do not know how to behave properly.

Are you one of those people who do not care if everyone can hear you when your talking on the cellphone? If you can see lots of people looking at you while you are blabbering on at your phone, chances are your voice is too loud. You do not need to speak loudly, if your signal is weak or the place is too noisy then you can move and find a better place.

No one wants to hear about personal stories and inappropriate conversations in public. Sadly, we encounter these things once in a while. If you feel like having a personal conversation with your boyfriend or talking about how wasted you were last night then you can go to a quiet place where no one can hear you.

Cutting you off mid sentence to answer the phone is very irritating. Of course we just smile and say go on answer it but deep inside you just wish you can get his/her phone and throw it in the trash. When this happens you can just simply walk away politely.

When driving, some people cannot wait until they get home to text their friends or families. Texting while driving is truly dangerous because you are focused on texting and not really on the road ahead. There has been many accidents caused by texting and stricter rules need to be enforced.

This one is also very annoying. You are casually having a conversation with your friend while he is texting. They will feign interest and say "yeah" "uh huh" at the wrong moments. Don't you just wish you knew kung fu and kick the cellphone clean from his hands.

It can be embarrassing at times if you have a loud and annoying ring tone. You might think your ring tone is cool or funny but it does not sound that way if it suddenly rings at a public place and it is way too loud. A good suggestion is to put your phone on silent mode with the vibration on if you are outside.

There are still many rules and etiquette that has to be followed. These are just some of the annoying things that people often do and the worst thing is they do not even know that it is not okay. Be a little considerate sometimes because proper etiquette shows what kind of a person you are.

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