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Switching Cellphone Providers

When you say 3G it pertains to a fast connection and mobile internet. 3G also means third generation of the cellphone technology or the evolution and future of the cellphone industry. The 4G simply stands for the fourth generation of cellphone technology and the successor of the 3G. Before you use either one, you might want to take the time to see who has unlimited data plans.

4G speed is much faster in terms of connection and data transfer than 3G phones. The 4G speed will top 1Gbps if you are just stationary and 100Mbps if you are in a car or moving using wired LANS. This far exceeds the rate of 3G which is only 14Mbps on downloading and 5.8Mps on uploading. Imagine how fast it would be to download MP3 songs on your cellphone, it would only take a few seconds. Connecting to the internet would be very fast and convenient without any lagging connection. Also, because of this high speed, this phone is also capable of downloading movies and you can even watch live streaming shows and also video chat can be done with ease.

3G phones uses a mix of switching network which are the circuit and packet switching. The 4G phones only use the packet switching network. Packet switching is more efficient because it will allow the mobile phone company to put in more conversations into the same bandwidth.

4G phones are simply more superior in terms of data transfer speed and connection. 4G phones are now being offered by major cellphone companies like Sprint and AT&T.

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