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Switching Cellphone Providers

In any activity, we always have sets of rules to follow and we always show good values and manners in any events in our lives. However, the advancement of technology such as cellphones, have been so fast that we somehow forgot to attribute right manners for using cellphones in different circumstances. So here are some tips on when you should show good cellphone manners.

Do not talk on your phone when driving. If you cannot avoid talking on the cellphone, you should use handsfree. It is illegal in most states to drive while holding your cellphone and talking. You do not want to pay a hefty fine if you get caught just because you took that call while you were driving.

No one really wants to hear your conversation on the phone when you are outside, especially on public transports like bus, trains and airplanes. The next time you receive a call when you are on a bus, make it a quick conversation and tell your caller that you cannot stay on the phone too long. Do it politely and talk discreetly with a hushed voice.

It is considered rude if you do not switch your cellphone into silent mode when you are in a movie theater, lecture or concert. Much more if you engage in a conversation with the caller while you are in those events. Be considerate to other people because they paid to be entertained, not to hear your phone conversations.

If you are talking on the phone while walking or jogging outside, never lose focus on where you are going. You do not want to bump into people or accidentally step on their feet because you were not paying attention to where you are going.

These are just some of the good cellphone manners that some people should learn. Just remember to be considerate to other people and you can never go wrong.

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