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Switching Cellphone Providers

Is your house a dead zone when it comes to cellphone signals? It can be irritating at times when you have an important call and it was suddenly dropped because of the poor signal. You still have to frantically run outside to get a better signal before the call is dropped. Poor signal inside the house may be caused by the metal sidings on your house and your roof or your area has low network coverage. The unfortunate thing is that the more applications we put in our cellphone, the more it drains on the network resource which can only mean a decrease in signal strength.

Here are some tips that might help you increase or get a signal when the network is too low.

If you have money to spare for a new cellphone signal booster then it is recommended that you get one for your home. Before buying your signal booster, there are things you have to consider first. You have to make sure that your signal booster is compatible with your cellphone service provider. The size of your home is also considered and the other cellphone providers used by the other people living in your house. With the cellphone signal booster, the signal inside your house will definitely increase.

There are other ways for you to increase your cellphone signal without spending money.

Always have a full charged battery for your cellphone. If your battery is only half charged chances are that it would also have a problem picking up a signal in your house.

If your network is really bad then maybe it's time to change your network. Usually networks operate independently from each other and other networks may have cellphone towers in your area.

Sometimes the way you hold your cellphone also affects the signal. The best way to hold a cellphone is upright so that it can easily pick up the carrier signal. Holding it sideways or upside down will weaken the way your cellphone picks up the signal.

Here's also a great tip if your phone is a blackberry or android. If your phone supports UMA you can use the wi-fi in your house to make your calls if your GSM coverage in your area is very low. However not all phones have UMA so check your phone details if you want to use this tip.

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