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Switching Cellphone Providers

You received an important phone call from your boss or from an important client then suddenly you heard that dreaded bleep warning, your cellphone battery is about to give up on you. Now how many times has that happened to you? It has happened to me once or twice and it sucks even more if you cannot recharge your battery quickly. To avoid these situations it is better to conserve battery life especially if you are going on a long trip and you have no time to recharge the battery along the way.

One of the quickest and smart ways to conserve the battery life is to turn off the vibration mode and keep the ring tone level to a manageable volume level. Loud ringtone volume and vibration drains the battery quickly.

If you are on a road trip or traveling long distance then can avoid connecting to the internet or using the camera especially its flash photography. These functions are a battery drainer. Also make sure that your bluetooth is turned off.

Using your phone in 3G/Dual Mode will drain your battery quicker rather than if you just use the GSM mode.

Animated backgrounds in smartphone is also a battery drainer. Just use a simple wallpaper background for your smartphone.

If you have a new battery make sure you fully charge it before its first use. Never fully discharge a lithium ion battery, the best way is to charge them when it only has one bar left.

When I have no access to any charger or I forgot it at home, I sometimes place the battery in the fridge. Cold temperature prevents the battery from draining quickly. So do not expose your battery to hot temperature.

Once in a while you have to clean the battery contact between the battery and the cellphone. Dust and dirt that accumulates in the contact point reduces the efficiency of the energy transfer of the battery. You can clean them with a cotton swab.

Those are just some tips to prolong the battery life of your cellphones. The next time you go on a business trip or traveling be prepared and fully charge your phone before going out.

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