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Switching Cellphone Providers

Addiction is defined as the condition of being habitually or compulsively occupied with or involved in something. Ever since the cellphone was introduced into the public we have embraced this gadget as a part of our daily lives. Texting is one cellphone activity that is important when we want to communicate with other people. The telecommunications industry is earning billions of dollars because of text messaging every year. Some people can go on texting for most of the whole day and this can lead to problems. Psychiatrist has studied cases of people who has addiction to texting. In every country there have been cases of texting addiction especially with the teenagers in Europe and Asia. So what are the signs that says you are already addicted to texting?

Psychiatrist says that excessive texting usually leads to addiction and they consider it a mental illness. Here are the signs that you probably are addicted to texting.

Excessive texting throughout the day that you neglect other duties like your work, your daily chores and even your personal hygiene.

When you have no access to your cellphone and you cannot text you feel depressed. You withdraw from everything and everyone.

You absolutely must have cheap unlimited cellular phone texting plans.

When you isolate yourself from your family or from other people just to continue texting.

There are also physical signs of texting addiction. In some cases, doctors have treated people who experience constant soreness to the shoulders and wrist. This strain injury is caused by excessive use of the cellphone.

In extreme cases, some people even have sleep disorder and anxiety problems because of texting addiction.

If you experience most of these signs then it is likely that you are addicted to texting. It is best if you consult a psychiatrist or a therapist regarding this problem.

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