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Switching Cellphone Providers

You keep receiving text messages from someone you do not know. You may be avoiding someone and you do not want to receive messages from him or her. Or you keep receiving spam texts. These text messages can be annoying at times especially if you are not in the mood to receive and delete unwanted texts. You just want them to stop texting your cellphone. Here are ways to block these unwanted text messages.

The first thing you can do is to call your cellphone service provider and inform them that you want this certain number to be blocked from your cellphone and you do not want to receive text messages from this number. Your service provider will block all incoming text coming from that number.

Most cellphone service provider has text messaging as an optional service so if you want, you can turn off your text messaging all together.

If you are receiving unwanted text messages from companies and organizations, you can just reply telling them that you want to "unsubscribe." Most often, there is an instruction on how to unsubscribe from receiving their text messages.

You can also visit the website of your cellphone service provider and create an account with them. You can now set up your preferences in terms of receiving text messages. This also includes options in blocking certain numbers.

Depending on the model of your cellphone, some cellphones have settings where you can block certain numbers from texting or calling. Just change the settings of your cellphone and it will be possible to block certain numbers from texting you.

Now, if someone is using a send a text message online service, the best way to block this is to contact the website the message was sent through. Simply ask them to remove your cell phone number so nobody else can send you a text through their service.

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